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Methodology and Ethos

20 years of teaching experience has enabled me to develop a good perspective on the best way to deliver good quality well planned lessons with good progress evaluation using relevant topics and material. No other discipline has the potential to have your hard work sabotaged by well meaning but sometimes inaccurate advice or by misunderstanding the huge amount of self taught material available.

The well known statement “practice makes perfect” remains true although we remind our students that practice also makes permanent which includes poor technique and application. Being involved in popular music studies needs a balance of musical appreciation, understanding the influence of all musical styles and developing a serious methodical and progressive approach to both practice and long term achievement. There is a necessity to establish a broad repertoire and to develop independent learning and evaluation skills.

Formal v. Informal

Let’s not over do the tech speak and jargon .learning an instrument is as much about experimenting, learning to listen and working with others. It’s easy to get too hung up on the technical aspects of the instrument and to become confused with theory. Students are positively encouraged to find there own way, to personalise their learning. Musical futures is a great initiative rolled out to secondary schools in 2007. Designed to make music more accessible to students with a much more informal approach. I have taken part in musical futures training events. For more info on musical futures

Practice techniques and performance evaluation

Students are encouraged to learn self evaluation and skill development strategies to promote independent learning.

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The Musictech team

The Musictech team

The Musictech team

The Musictech team